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AFC Staff Gathering 09At Arrowhead Family Care, our primary focus is on personalization and prevention. We strive to be more than a “concierge practice”. The Personalized Wellness Exam we offer our patients is the cornerstone of our family practice. From that, we are able to make a wellness plan tailored for each individual patient. We are always available to care for our patients when they are sick, offering same day/next day appointments, but we prefer to keep you well. Our Glendale office is conveniently located behind Arrowhead Hospital. Contact Us for more information.

Personal Care

sample image"I'm Doctor Ned Stolzberg and I invite you to receive the health care that I believe all patients deserve. Too often I hear stories from patients about getting too little time and care from their doctors. I believe a primary care doctor should truly be managing your health care, helping you navigate the medical system, and making sure you fully understand what was reviewed at each visit."

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A Message from Dr. Sam

 Dr Sam"I am dedicated to providing my patients with outstanding medical care with a strong emphasis on prevention and early detection of disease.  I believe that good communication and mutual respect allows us to partner with our patients to enhance their overall well being.  In our office, patients can be seen on the same or next day after calling, and receive appointments that last at least half an hour, allowing me to provide both prompt and personal care. I feel that I am practicing medicine the way it was intended" - Dr. Sam

Preventive Medicine

Arrowhead Family care is about providing the best family medicine for you and the ones you love. It's about a personal relationship between you and your family physician. It's about the trust and care that you deserve from your dedicated family doctor. Treat yourself well, remember "It's your health".

We all know the old adage; "An ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure". It sounds silly, but it's true. A little bit of upfront preventive medicine can help you avoid many health pitfalls later on. Early testing and detection can make all of the difference in your continued pursuit of good health. Someone once flippantly stated, "Everything is bad for you these days, what difference does it make"? Well, there may be many forces working against your health, but every step you take towards good health means that you'll live longer, more vibrantly, and experience fewer health concerns. We can help you live your healthiest life to the fullest.